Department of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a profession that promotes wellness, mobility and independent function in individuals and the population. Physiotherapists treat and prevent problems caused by pain, illness, disability, ageing, prolonged inactivity and injury caused by accidents, sports and work related.

role of physiotherapy in health care:

  • Managing chronic and acute conditions,
  • Preventing disease, injury and disability
  • Maintaining optimal functional independence,
  • Rehabilitation after disease, injury and disability,
  • Work with children with coordination, balance and other movement problems to improve and maximize their independence
  • Education and promoting healthy lifestyles and exercise.
Shibly Nomani
Md. Azizul Islam
DEP, MPhil,PhD
Fardoausi Islam Nipa
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Ayasha Tanbina Sharkar
Bachelor of Physiotherapy