Department of Pharmacology

This vision is not only to prepare the under and postgraduate students for their future success in life through a host of up-to-date courses in Pharmacology to:
Describe the pharmacological effects, mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetic characteristics and adverse reactions of drugs in order to be able to prescribe safely and effectively.
describe the basic principles and concepts considered essential for rational prescribing and use of medicine in clinical practice,
Understand the principles of rational prescribing and the basis of utilizing the principles of evaluation of therapeutic alternatives.
Recognize, manage and report the adverse drug reactions and drug interactions.
State the essential drug list and principles underlying the “Concept of Essential Drugs”.
Evaluate the ethical and legal issues involved in drug prescribing, development, manufacture and marketing.

Prof. Dr. Layla Afroza Banu
Professor and Head of the Department
Dr. Syeda Rubayat Hilmi
Assistant Professor
Dr. Amirun Nahar
Senior Lecturer