Department of Community Medicine will provide outstanding educational experience, in course content of Community Medicine and seeks to be a centre of excellence in medical education, research, and healthcare services. It would strive for achievement of academic excellence by Educating and Training medical students who-

  • Shall recognize health needs of community through continuous interactions
  • Carry out professional obligations, ethically and equitably, and in keeping with National Health Policy

The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate students is to prepare them to function as first level physicians in accordance with the national goals of HEALTH FOR ALL. The main objective is to orient them towards understanding health problems of community and provide “CARE BEYOND CURE”.

Prof. Monowar Ahmad Tarafdar
Professor and Head of the Department
DIH, MPhil
Dr. Nadia Begum
Associate Professor
Dr. Shila Rani Das
Associate Professor
MPH, MPhil
Dr. Sultana Begum
Associate Professor
Dr. Meheruba Afrin
Assistant Professor